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June 6th 2011 (Im graduated!!!)

I’m home today all by my self because I am graduated!   It’s like a long weekend or a school vacation but it’s forever.  Its weird not having my day already planned.  Now I have to go out and get my own plans.  I never could wait to graduate and im still really excited its just odd.  I’m sure the awkwardness will be over in a few weeks.

I am going to get a job and work until college starts in August.  I just have to get hired first.  I want to work as a CNA until I can become a nurse.  Thats my plan.  At least I have a plan.  I’m not one of those people who leave highschool and just sit home and watch tv all day.  I don’t even have any desire to be one of those people.  How can you start your life with no ambition? 

So graduation itself was a blur and i didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I wanted to.  It was one of those “big events” that seems to attract all of the family.  In my case all of my family in one place isn’t a good thing.  i got through graduation, it was the graduation party I was worried about.  We got to the house after the graduation and everyone ate food and talked.  I was surprized at how well everything went.  Of course everyone talked after about who they did and didn’t like and things that happened.  Its terrible but we all do it.  even if it is family.

I got a laptop!! which is what I am currently typing on.  All my friends have already had laptops for years now but I guess better late than never.  I never really had the need for one anyways.  I only ever use a computer to check my Facebook.  I guess now that I am starting college it will be a necessity. 

I am excited to start my life I have big things planned. 

[P.s ive been seeing lately that I have views on my blogs but just to let me know there’s someone out there actually reading this please send me a comment, even if it’s just the word Hi 🙂 Thank you J.G]






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june 4th 2011

My boyfriend is at work.  He works in produce at a grocery store. My dad is at my little brothers baseball game.  My sister is in Massachusetts with my mom and my other brother is sleeping.  I am up and awake finally and am alone.  Dont you love the days you wake up and nobody is there?

Today I have to go to the store with my dad to buy food and other party supplies for my after graduation party this sunday.  It’s all family that is going to be coming really.  My family doesn’t get along as well as a family should.  Probably why we all live in different states. Living the next town over just wasnt going to cut it.  So this sunday for my graduation party I don’t know what will happen but it probably wont be good.  I’ve warned my whole family not to start drama because it is my day and I don’t want any problems so I hope everything goes well.  Maybe the smell of the barbecue will bring everyone together, prob. not just trying to be positive 🙂

All week we’ve been trying to clean the house.  Funny how people have work there butt off cleaning for somebody to come over.  I know im not the only one who does that.  Americans hide the fact there slobs so well. 


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June 3rd 2011 (shopping)

Don’t you just love to shop? Yeah me too!! The problem is I never have any money.  I don’t have a job as of two weeks ago because I quit my job.  In fact the job I quit was a job at McDonald’s which just so happened to be the first job I ever had.  DON’T EVER WORK THERE!!! I’ll explain why in a later entry.  Any who I decided that making no money was better than making money and working there. 

Today I got home from school, well my last day of marching practice (technically school already ended).  I got home and I told my dad I wanted a hair cut and that I wanted a dress for graduation on Sunday.  I told my dad I would need 50$ he ended up giving me 100$!! This to most people doesn’t sound like a lot of money and your right it isn’t nearly enough for a teenage girl to go shopping with.  However if you ever met my dad you would understand how cheap he is and that he doesn’t like to hand out money to anyone for any reason.  So my whole life if I asked for money he would flip me a 20 and expect me to have a good shopping trip.  HELLO! That will buy one thing, maybe a pair of pants if im lucky. (Try getting that through his head).  My dad he’s an interesting character.  So he gave me 100$ and told me it was some money towards my graduation present. 

I would love to save money and all, But it is so Hard, especially when you have a parent who barely ever gives you money.  How can you save money for something you may need in the future when there is something you need in the present? What you learn from a parent like this is how to be thrifty and get as much as you can out of your dollar.  I think ive learned well. 


1. Hair cut……20$ (and that is with my 5 dollar tip included) 🙂

2. Hair dye…..10$

3.  3 shirts at Debs…….15$

4. 2 shirts at khols……….10.00$

5. Gas to get there……10$

6. Clothes at thrift store (sweat shirt,Shorts and pants) …..15$

Total: $70.00

Money left over: $30.00

How far can your hundred-dollar bill go?   😀

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June 2nd 2011 (car talk is boring)

Today was my second day of Marching practice and I am happy to say that it was much less boring then yesterday.  Today we didn’t practice so much marching but practiced getting up on stage and receiving our diplomas.  The rest of my day seems to be unplanned.  I know that later I have to go to go with my boyfriend to get something on his car fixed.  It seems like he is always fixing something on his car.  I hate being the type of girl who is so uninterested in cars that it is unbearable to hear anything about them.  When I think about what car I want in the future I don’t think about what kind of engine it will have I only think about what the outside of the car will look like and how new it is.  I guess the only other thing I think about would be the gas mileage, thanks to the influence of the economy. I can’t stand to hear anything my boyfriend tells me about cars.  I Maybe someday when my car has a problem that he can fix i will be grateful but until then…  So now I have to go to the car place and sit there for two hours and wait for his car to be fixed.  Hopefully we talk about something else 🙂

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June 1st 2011 (marching practice)

June 1st, 2011

This is my first journal entry on word-press EVER!  I would first like to emphasize the fact that it is JUNE 1st!  To me June 1st sounds like the first day of summer.  I love summer, especially after a long winter and then a whole month of rain when May came around.  In less than 5 days I will graduate high-school!  This for many would be exciting and don’t get me wrong I am excited! However do you know what the last 3 days before graduation is?  Its marching practice.  This is where you go to school and all the seniors get together in the gym with their marching partner and we all practice marching.  Marching goes like this:

1. You start with your feet together

2. You step out with your right foot then bring your feet together with your left.

3. from there you switch and step out with your left foot and bring your feet together

4. Repeat, all the way until your seat.

Now for graduating seniors this should be the easiest thing in the world.  But for everyone who had the joy of going through high-school you know that there are always those kids who just don’t get it.  Heres how it went.  We were told by a teacher that has helped with graduations 15 years that we were the worst class so far.  This wasn’t news to us we were told that since freshman year.  I guess in 4 years things hadn’t changed.

If I might say the day was completely pointless.  If it were up too me Id say screw this, take my diploma and skip out on the whole graduation.  Sad thing is I still have 2 more days of marching practice.  But if these next 2 days get me to graduation im all for it.  I think if I could handle 12 years of school I can handle the next two days. Congratulations class of 2011 we made it!!!

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