June 1st 2011 (marching practice)

June 1, 2011 J. G 's Diary :)

June 1st, 2011

This is my first journal entry on word-press EVER!  I would first like to emphasize the fact that it is JUNE 1st!  To me June 1st sounds like the first day of summer.  I love summer, especially after a long winter and then a whole month of rain when May came around.  In less than 5 days I will graduate high-school!  This for many would be exciting and don’t get me wrong I am excited! However do you know what the last 3 days before graduation is?  Its marching practice.  This is where you go to school and all the seniors get together in the gym with their marching partner and we all practice marching.  Marching goes like this:

1. You start with your feet together

2. You step out with your right foot then bring your feet together with your left.

3. from there you switch and step out with your left foot and bring your feet together

4. Repeat, all the way until your seat.

Now for graduating seniors this should be the easiest thing in the world.  But for everyone who had the joy of going through high-school you know that there are always those kids who just don’t get it.  Heres how it went.  We were told by a teacher that has helped with graduations 15 years that we were the worst class so far.  This wasn’t news to us we were told that since freshman year.  I guess in 4 years things hadn’t changed.

If I might say the day was completely pointless.  If it were up too me Id say screw this, take my diploma and skip out on the whole graduation.  Sad thing is I still have 2 more days of marching practice.  But if these next 2 days get me to graduation im all for it.  I think if I could handle 12 years of school I can handle the next two days. Congratulations class of 2011 we made it!!!


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