June 2nd 2011 (car talk is boring)

June 2, 2011 J. G 's Diary :)

Today was my second day of Marching practice and I am happy to say that it was much less boring then yesterday.  Today we didn’t practice so much marching but practiced getting up on stage and receiving our diplomas.  The rest of my day seems to be unplanned.  I know that later I have to go to go with my boyfriend to get something on his car fixed.  It seems like he is always fixing something on his car.  I hate being the type of girl who is so uninterested in cars that it is unbearable to hear anything about them.  When I think about what car I want in the future I don’t think about what kind of engine it will have I only think about what the outside of the car will look like and how new it is.  I guess the only other thing I think about would be the gas mileage, thanks to the influence of the economy. I can’t stand to hear anything my boyfriend tells me about cars.  I Maybe someday when my car has a problem that he can fix i will be grateful but until then…  So now I have to go to the car place and sit there for two hours and wait for his car to be fixed.  Hopefully we talk about something else 🙂


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