June 3rd 2011 (shopping)

June 4, 2011 J. G 's Diary :)

Don’t you just love to shop? Yeah me too!! The problem is I never have any money.  I don’t have a job as of two weeks ago because I quit my job.  In fact the job I quit was a job at McDonald’s which just so happened to be the first job I ever had.  DON’T EVER WORK THERE!!! I’ll explain why in a later entry.  Any who I decided that making no money was better than making money and working there. 

Today I got home from school, well my last day of marching practice (technically school already ended).  I got home and I told my dad I wanted a hair cut and that I wanted a dress for graduation on Sunday.  I told my dad I would need 50$ he ended up giving me 100$!! This to most people doesn’t sound like a lot of money and your right it isn’t nearly enough for a teenage girl to go shopping with.  However if you ever met my dad you would understand how cheap he is and that he doesn’t like to hand out money to anyone for any reason.  So my whole life if I asked for money he would flip me a 20 and expect me to have a good shopping trip.  HELLO! That will buy one thing, maybe a pair of pants if im lucky. (Try getting that through his head).  My dad he’s an interesting character.  So he gave me 100$ and told me it was some money towards my graduation present. 

I would love to save money and all, But it is so Hard, especially when you have a parent who barely ever gives you money.  How can you save money for something you may need in the future when there is something you need in the present? What you learn from a parent like this is how to be thrifty and get as much as you can out of your dollar.  I think ive learned well. 


1. Hair cut……20$ (and that is with my 5 dollar tip included) 🙂

2. Hair dye…..10$

3.  3 shirts at Debs…….15$

4. 2 shirts at khols……….10.00$

5. Gas to get there……10$

6. Clothes at thrift store (sweat shirt,Shorts and pants) …..15$

Total: $70.00

Money left over: $30.00

How far can your hundred-dollar bill go?   😀


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