june 4th 2011

June 4, 2011 J. G 's Diary :)
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My boyfriend is at work.  He works in produce at a grocery store. My dad is at my little brothers baseball game.  My sister is in Massachusetts with my mom and my other brother is sleeping.  I am up and awake finally and am alone.  Dont you love the days you wake up and nobody is there?

Today I have to go to the store with my dad to buy food and other party supplies for my after graduation party this sunday.  It’s all family that is going to be coming really.  My family doesn’t get along as well as a family should.  Probably why we all live in different states. Living the next town over just wasnt going to cut it.  So this sunday for my graduation party I don’t know what will happen but it probably wont be good.  I’ve warned my whole family not to start drama because it is my day and I don’t want any problems so I hope everything goes well.  Maybe the smell of the barbecue will bring everyone together, prob. not just trying to be positive 🙂

All week we’ve been trying to clean the house.  Funny how people have work there butt off cleaning for somebody to come over.  I know im not the only one who does that.  Americans hide the fact there slobs so well. 



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