June 6th 2011 (Im graduated!!!)

June 6, 2011 J. G 's Diary :)

I’m home today all by my self because I am graduated!   It’s like a long weekend or a school vacation but it’s forever.  Its weird not having my day already planned.  Now I have to go out and get my own plans.  I never could wait to graduate and im still really excited its just odd.  I’m sure the awkwardness will be over in a few weeks.

I am going to get a job and work until college starts in August.  I just have to get hired first.  I want to work as a CNA until I can become a nurse.  Thats my plan.  At least I have a plan.  I’m not one of those people who leave highschool and just sit home and watch tv all day.  I don’t even have any desire to be one of those people.  How can you start your life with no ambition? 

So graduation itself was a blur and i didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I wanted to.  It was one of those “big events” that seems to attract all of the family.  In my case all of my family in one place isn’t a good thing.  i got through graduation, it was the graduation party I was worried about.  We got to the house after the graduation and everyone ate food and talked.  I was surprized at how well everything went.  Of course everyone talked after about who they did and didn’t like and things that happened.  Its terrible but we all do it.  even if it is family.

I got a laptop!! which is what I am currently typing on.  All my friends have already had laptops for years now but I guess better late than never.  I never really had the need for one anyways.  I only ever use a computer to check my Facebook.  I guess now that I am starting college it will be a necessity. 

I am excited to start my life I have big things planned. 

[P.s ive been seeing lately that I have views on my blogs but just to let me know there’s someone out there actually reading this please send me a comment, even if it’s just the word Hi 🙂 Thank you J.G]






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